Monday, October 13, 2014

'El cambio es parte de la gran plan de felicidad' -Allan F. Packer‏ (change is part of the great plan of happiness)


Soooo.... cambios came and went, and Hermana Barros went with them :( The dynamic duo was separated. It was funny, in the cambio meeting everyone was like no, they're separating YOU GUYS?! haha It was funny, but anyways. It was way hard that day, we were both heartbroken.  But you know, I had prayed so that we would stay together days before and every time I felt so much peace. I thought it was because she was going to stay, but know I know it was to let me know that it's all going to be okay. I just am hoping I'll see her after the mission!! 

BUT besides that, my new companion is awesome!! My first gringa companion, Hermana Page from North Carolina!! She's awesome, and we get along really well, so I'm way excited. And Hermana Barros was her trainer, so that just makes it even better that we have something in common! And fun fact, when I was brand new and on the bus on the way to Ovalle my first area, she gave me food because she knew that the newbies don't eat much before getting on the bus haha. Crazy, no?? 

But anyways, it was a really good week!! We saw so many random miracles and tender mercies. Like we went to a lesson that we couldn't find a member for, and a long lost friend of our investigator that just so happens to be a member showed up EXACTLY when we got there. So we were able to teach the lesson with the member's testimony! SO awesome. Then we also were on our way to leadership counsel and this guy asked us for the Book of Mormon, because he had heard about it and felt like it was the missing part that he's always looked for. WHAT. And then we were in a far away pueblo called Peñuelas in our area and the buses weren't passing anymore and we were gonna have to walk for like an hour. But, a member passed by exactly then and took us back to Placilla!! Seriously, the Lord has blessed us so much I can't even believe it. Cesar is progressing, we have found awesome new investigators, Carlos came to church... I don't even know, I'm excited for October and for this cambio! :) I love being a missionary!

I hope you all are doing well, don't forget that I love you SO much!! :)
Hermana Hansen
pics: fog snap in the middle of spring (it was like winter again OH MY GOSH i was freezing) hermana barros took whatever picture she wanted of me, and valpo!!
Fog snap in Placilla

Cute Hayley in the fog

Gorgeous girl! :)

Comps in the fog

Argentine meal Hermana Barros made before she was tranferred

Cute Hermana Barros

Cute Hayley
Hayley, Hermana Barros (her old companion), Hermana Page (her NEW companion) and Hermana Cook

Hayley with her ZL's and her old comp.

Cute Hayley in the sunshine

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