Wednesday, October 22, 2014

mi gato es peor que hitler!!!‏ (my cat is worse than Hitler!)

Hayley with Martina, the birthday girl


This week was way good! I don't even know where to start haha. 
We had interviews with Presidente Kahnlein and it was literally the craziest thing. Turns out, he's been waiting to put us together in Placilla for a while because they're going to SPLIT THE WARD!!! And he knows that we're the missionaries that need to be here for it. Basically, his minimum requirement is 10 baptisms in the next three months, three families, that all the converts from the last two years are 100 percent active and paying tithing, and that church attendance rises by 20 people by OUR WORK ALONE. So yeah, we have a big task ahead of us, but he trusts in us, the Lord trusts in us, so I trust in them and I know we can do it. Just a little insanity is happening in the ward!! And today in the morning one of our zone leaders got changed in emergency transfers (one of my very best friends in the mission, Elder Pinillos :(( SO sad about it) and one of the elders in my ward also headed out, so we'll see what happens and who comes!!

Investigator wise, we've found a lot of new investigators and had a bunch at church and others are progressing a lot!! C now is going to be out of town until November, which is a bummer, but he's going to church, reading, praying, and living all the commandments, So I know he's gonna get back, fast, and get baptized haha. 
My companion and I get along SO WELL. We have the same taste in music and we both like to have fun and are overly happy people (but realistic happy, not the fake kind that some missionaries have.. GAH) President told my companion that she and I edify him and Hermana Kahnlein with how we are and that he's really excited to see us together haha. But yeah, I love Hermana Page, we sang all of the American songs in the English hymnbook today because we found her American flag and also pledged allegiance to the flag, so you know that we have a lot of fun haha.

Other than that, things are going way well!! We literally see MIRACLES every day. I am so excited to be here in Placilla in this time!! Grand things are going to happen (don't know if grand is the right word, sorry I'm forgetting English haha) and I get to be a part of it :) Oh and also, president told me I'm here until new years eve, so HERE WE GO, THREE MONTH SPRINT!! :) Love you all, the church is true, and always always trust in the spirit!!!

Hermana Hansen 
(photos, martina on her birthday, and hna page and i with elder pinillos before he left :((()

ALSO Lynn G Robbins came to our mission and talked to us, and he's awesome. And right before conference President Kahnlein talked about taking care about which way we looked and all of that, and then ELDER ROBBINS talked about it!! So this talk is like the theme of our mission haha watch it, read it, it's amazing and changed my life. Seamos soldados valientes en la batalla del señor. 
Victor, Martina & Hayley


Elder Pinillos, Hayley, and Hermana Page

Hayley & Hermana Page at Transfers

Hermana Barros (old comp), Hayley and Hermana Page (new comp)
October Leadership Conference

Hayley and Hermana Page at Leadership Conference

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