Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ESTO NO SE HACE y hola de........‏


This should be way longer but I did a ton of stuff with my visa today ( I'm staying in chile, WOOO ) and have barely any time left!!! So super quick, yeah? yeah.  First of all, being in a trio for a few days was awesome. We put a baptismal date with the family of 9, but then Tuesday night the zone leader called and.. ME FUI. Cambios came and I went. 
So first I totally freaked out because I wasn't really expecting it and I hadn't packed anything!!  Soooo I packed like crazy and called everyone and was really sad, but then here comes the big news. The next morning when I was eating breakfast before heading to get on the bus for the transfer meeting, PRESIDENT CALLED. And I am now officially a Sister Training  Leader with less than six months in the mission and 4 months in the field! Do I know what I'm doing?? NO. Honestly I thought I was gonna throw up when he called. But this has been so humbling, and I really understand that the Lord qualifies the called. The spirit I've felt has been incredible, the Lord has been carrying me this whole way and I am so blessed.

Here's the rundown of my new info: (OH and my first trainer, Hna. Puertas, is a sister training leader now too!! WOO :) and I got to see her!) I am in the zone of Valparaiso, in the sector of Placilla, which is a little bit outside of Valpo! It is GORGEOUS here, and it is so crazy, I went from the most dangerous and poorest sector to the richest and safest sector of the mission and from a tiny branch to a huge ward hahaa. I live in a really nice apartment and all the people here have a ton of money! But they are so awesome. The ward is a DREAM, the bishop asks us if we can have Family home evenings in his house with our investigators and makes sure we always have members to go with us and the members are willing to go!! 
My companion is Hermana Barros from Argentina!! She recently turned 13 months in the mission, and she is AWESOME. We get along super well and are always laughing. She is an amazing missionary. But we're also opening a new sector in addition to the sector  we already have, so we have a TON of work to do!! And I already did interchanges for the first time as a sister leader ,and it went way better than I thought. It was a super spiritual experience actually. I'm learning so much and it hasn't even been a week!! AH. 

But that's basically it!! We have a few golden investigators but the rest aren't progressing, and Hermana Barros only has one transfer more than me so we are both getting to know the area. So, we're off to find new investigators!! Lots of contacting and exploring and getting lost haha, but I love it. I miss Ovalle SO much, it was so hard to change, but I know that I am going to love it here. 

Tell you more next week!! love you!!

hermana hansen
**Hayley did not have much time to email this week, but she did respond to my question when I asked her to describe a "Sister Training Leader".  Here is the response:
 "Ok as sister leaders we have to be examples in everything, we go to leader counsel with the zone leaders and other hermana leaders with president every month and then split with the zone leaders to train our zone with what we learned. Then we do intercambios (exchanges) with the hermanas in our zone and in my case the zone next to ours too because there aren't sister leaders there and help them set goals and show them an example of how to be a good missionary basically. It's the most responsibility I can have as an Hermana."

Here is another explanation from the LDS news room website:

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