Monday, July 7, 2014

Que el diablo no nos lleve por su camino....‏

Hayley in front of the missing house


Okay so this week again wasn't too exciting haha EVERYONE is sick!! Including me a couple of days, but it was just a cold so we're over it. But today it's sunny and beautiful and we survived interviews in the house with President Kahnlein and so I am super happy! :)

Starting out with the fourth of July, we did nothing special except I wore red white and blue and we did our companionship study in English - hahaha. It was a good time. My companion CANNOT speak English, so we had some good laughs. BUT WE'RE WORKING ON IT :) I was also sick that day so not much exciting happened haha. Good news, my permanent retainer completely broke off so I don't need to go to the dentist! WOOHOO. 
Crazy story of the week: We had a MARATHON lunch, and then after every single family offered us food, and my companion threw up and I almost did, so that was fun haha. I think Chileans show their love through food.... YIKES. Seriously we get fed way too much here. Please don't judge me if you have to roll me home outside of the car by the time I get home!!

But really, it was a good week. The branch is going to the temple in August, so we're working a lot with the less actives so that they can go! A lot of them set the goal, so I hope it happens :) Also "I" didn't get baptized this weekend either, GAH. but this Saturday is for sure for sure. The miracle of the week is that J and I's dad was going to come to church only for the first hour, but he liked it so much he stayed the whole time and afterwards couldn't stop talking about it!! LETS GO FAMILIA LOPEZ!!! :) They're totally getting baptized this next cambio. It's amazing to watch their progress and the hand of the Lord in the lives of the people. 

Two funny stories: One, we had planned this family home evening with a less active family, and they had called us and said they couldn't do it. So we passed by a week later, and not only were they not there, but THEIR HOUSE WASN'T THERE. Literally the house was gone, just garbage where it used to be. What the WHAT. Seriously we were dying we were laughing so hard. First time for everything, right?? Also with Familia Gallardo, our golden family who's getting baptized in a couple weeks, the little boy C is continuously cracking us up with his prayers. This week he has prayed that the devil won't take us down his path and that we wouldn't get murdered by anyone this week. So, don't worry, I'm safe from murder until next Wednesday! 

Besides that not a lot has happened. We cleaned a bunch, had interviews, i learned how to make lemon pie Chilean style and Chilean bread (SO GOOD). 
I just want to close with how grateful I am to be here and to be a missionary! My first convert, M, bore her testimony yesterday in sacrament meeting about how happy she is to have found the truth and how she finally feels the peace that she´s been looking for and how the gospel changed her life. That is why I am here. I am helping people realize their true potential, and to be happy, and to see how much their father in heaven loves them and start on the path so that they can return with Him WITH THEIR FAMILIES. Missionary work is a miracle. How lucky are we to have so many miracles happen every day and to know where we are going and how to get there. T
he future really is as bright as our faith. 

i love you all!!

hermana hansen
Where did the house go??

View of Ovalle

Cute little "I"

Learning to make Chilean bread

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