Monday, July 14, 2014

Sinusitis, bautismo, y un trio.‏

Cold snap in Chile = Sick Hayley


Good news first or bad news first?? Let's go bad news-haha. OKAY. SO last week on Monday I had a pretty high fever and felt congested, but I just went to bed after planning and plowed on throughout the week. But then on Thursday I (embarrassingly enough) had a breakdown in the house of my favorite investigators. This is after just a little bit of sleep every night and fever every day if I didnt take something to calm it down. (Familia Lopez, with J who got baptized and N etc. - they're like my family here in Ovalle!!) AND THE VERDICT FROM THE NURSE WAS: what I like to call, the Wendy sickness!! A sinus infection hahaha and I'm up all night coughing!! I laughed when she told me, and I thought of you Wendy :) But don't worry, I feel WAY better now, I got on antibiotics and now the sinusitis is gone, but I'm still up coughing in the night, BOO. But we only stayed in the house for a few hours Friday morning because it stresses me out to not go out and work! But the Lord blessed me and I made it through. And mom, just for you, familia Lopez took care of me so much! She gave me Vaporub and herbal tea that helps with colds and Tylenol and everything. The whole ward helped me out. On Thursday night we had to walk back to the pension after my breakdown and it was 30 minutes away in the cold.  I was praying that I would be able to make it, and someone from the ward that doesn't live in that area just so happened to be driving by and drove us home! :) Little miracles. I love seeing answered prayers and how Heavenly Father takes care of me in little ways!!

DONE WITH THE BAD NEWS. On with the good :) "I" GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND!! WOOHOO!! :) Finally after postponing his baptismal date three times, it happened!! And it was amazing and everyone cried a little bit. He is such a sweet kid, and his mom wrote him a note saying that he arrived at the right place at the right time and she knows this is the right and true path and she will always support him. AKA SHE'S GETTING BAPTIZED IN AUGUST :) Her only problem is that she thought that it was a requirement to wear skirts, and she has a medical issue that she can't. BUT the relief society president happened to be with us in this lesson and explained it all! :) So the parents and grandma I'm almost 100 percent sure are getting baptized in August. They're amazing, and I love them so much! :) 
We also found a family of 9!!!!! We found them on Saturday and THEY CAME TO CHURCH THE NEXT DAY. This is a miracle my friends, it takes SO much usually to get people to come, and they came the next day when we barely knew their names!! So I'm a happy camper :) They were totally prepared by God too, they said they identify with Joseph Smith, because they too are looking for the true church and they prayed about it and the missionaries arrived! I love things like that, it's really the truth that God prepares people little by little to receive the gospel. :) 

Besides that, we've had a pretty normal week!! An awesome new young couple moved into our branch, and they're super excited to help us teach, so that is awesome for us! 
There are cambios (transfers) this Wednesday, and Hermana Plothow finished her mission ( :((( ) So we are in a trio since yesterday until Hermana Lucas's new companion gets here! Everyone says that I'm leaving this cambio, and I'm so sad about it. :( I'm hoping I'll just be put as Hermana Lucas's companion so I can still do interchanges in my sector haha. But I really will go where the Lord wants me to go :) Maybe I'll get put with Hermana Puertas again! We'll see. 

Fun fact: I'm learning how to knit and crochet. Turning in to an old lady here in Chile! 

Anyways, I love you all SO much, and miss you guys!! I hope you all have a great week, until next Monday!

hermana hansen
The super sweet photo a boy drew for Hayley

I's baptism

Elders taking a selfie
Hayley learning to knit

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