Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Happy Birthday, Dad!

Hayley with J



OKAY SO. This week was a little boring and little disappointing but ya know it´s still all good in Canihuante B!!! It is SO COLD here these days though, my companion is having trouble sleeping at night but I sleep like a rock evidently and am out at 11 until 7 when the alarm goes off haha. BUT somehow in the afternoon it still manages to get a little hot!! Oh Ovalle.... 

Okay I'm going to say the bummer things first, I  didn't get baptized this weekend because he got pneumonia and has to rest for 7 days. Our golden family lost their baptismal date because they didn't come to church because they were sick as well. And Chile got eliminated from the world cup. MAJOR BUMMER. But!! Here are the plus sides:  I is going to get baptized this Sunday now and his dad (another investigator) now can come!! WOO! And the family has a new baptismal date, just not in this cambio - YEAH. And I heard that Chile played really well but I really can't talk because I didn't see the game - haha. But I can say that Saturday there were quite a few depressed Chileans - haha. 

We did see miracles though!! Two of my very favorite investigators, A and N, are a couple that are having so many trials thrown at them I cant even believe it. We showed up at a SUPER hard time for them. We all bawled our eyes out and felt the spirit super strong and they committed to set a wedding date and are going to get baptized in August!!!! :D I have no idea if I'll still be here, cambios are coming up and everyone says I'm a goner, BUT I am still so happy for them :) And yesterday we visited just N because A works 10 days and rests 10 days working in the mines in Antofagasta. She is sick and he's out working now, and her little 1 year old son was just  bawling and bawling and we couldn't figure out what was wrong. So, we called a brother from the branch and he came and gave the baby a blessing and he IMMEDIATELY calmed down and was perfectly fine. Seriously, the power of the priesthood is incredible. 

Besides that, not much happened this week!! Just working hard. The mission finished reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish today, so awesome! It's so pretty all colored with the colors president asked us to use haha. Oh and EMBARRASSING STORY OF THE WEEK. I was in intercambios (companion exchanges I think is how you say it in English) and I LOCKED MYSELF IN THE BATHROOM OF AN INVESTIGATOR. Gosh dang it Hermana Hansen. Hahaha - I am going to be embarrassing myself for the rest of my life. But hey life is boring without laughing, right?

I love you all, the gospel is true, hope you have a good week, give dad a hug for me on his birthday!!! :)

hermana hansen
I & J

I & J

The sweet note Hayley's comp wrote her to celebrate 5 months in the mission

Five month celebration :)

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