Monday, June 1, 2015

Viña del HANSEN‏

Viña del Mar sisters at Zone Conference


This week some recent converts decided with my companion while i was in another sector in intercambios that i am the dueña (owner) of Chorrillos and Viña, so it´s now not Viña del Mar, it´s Viña del HANSEN. So it´s been a good week! :) 

Haha but really, it was a great week. We saw a LOT of miracles, and I learned a lot from my personal study and we had ZONE CONFERENCE! With President! It was his last and my last, so I´m sure you can imagine how sad i was. I even cried and i NEVER cry!!! But it was amazing, and I am just so excited for the time that i have to be a missionary :)

Let´s see... I´m going to try to keep this shorter even though I´m kind of bad at that sometimes haha. Olga is progressing MIRACULOUSLY, we were teaching her lesson 1 and she was remembering and understanding!! And she told us she remembered it from somewhere. Premortal life! She told us that God answers her in dreams, and that she has prayed to ask him if she should keep listening to us, and he answered her and told her that she should!! It´s seriously so amazing. She is a little old sassy woman, but i love her SO much!!! The converts are doing so well too! I wish sometimes that i could just rent a car and drive them all to the temple hahaha. It´s the best feeling this kind of love towards people, it really makes you think in every possible way to help them!!! I am going to continue praying for charity with all of my soul every day so that i can continue serving those around me! 

The zone conference was amazing. Something that really hit me was a training that they usually give to all the new leaders, so I've heard it before actually but about a year ago! It´s about the importance of having a high level of work and a high vision. If they are both low, then we are just laborers. If we have a high vision, but low level of work, we are just dreamers. If we have a high level of work, but not a high vision, we are just workers and never make a lot. But, if we can raise our vision and our work, we will be able to be LEADERS and really see miracles around us!! I had forgotten about that, and i really want to work on raising my vision for the short amount of time that i have left. I also love because President showed us a BUNCH of ridiculous quotes of how smart people thought that now commonplace things (like a computer in homes) would be impossible, and how sure of it they were! He talked about how bumblebees technically shouldn´t be able to fly, but they don´t know that, so they fly anyways! He talked about breaking barriers down in our lives, because honestly, with Christ, all things are possible. We can achieve it if we just forget about the limits and works towards it! If we put limits, we are limiting our own potential. I hope to be able to take away all the barriers that limit me, so that i may fulfill my eternal potential! I am so grateful for all the things I have learned from this man. He and his wife are the most incredible people i know! He gave us a list of things he wants from us now that he is leaving, i translated it and am attaching it! He and Hermana Kahnlein bore us their testimonies and introduced us to THEIR mission presidents and our new mission president (thru photos and info, no mas) and I seriously cried so much. I love them with all of my heart! They have changed my life forever. It´s like saying bye to parents in a way, because they have seen me grow so much and have been a key part in my growth. But, i know i will always remember them. I just hope that i can make them proud!

Okay I´m going to wind this down, but i felt the spirit so strong in personal study this week! I read Eyring's talk about fasting this last conference, and i have rarely felt the spirit so strong in personal study. I know that fasting is SO important, and a fast isn´t complete without fast offerings! It´s a way to fulfill our baptismal covenants, and really help our brothers and sisters, even if they are found in far off lands. I will ALWAYS fast and give fast offerings, from this day out!!

Also,I  would just like to say how much I love Elder L. Tom Perry. I am so grateful for his smile that he always had and for the happiness he brought into my life! I read his last two conference talks, and in both he testified strongly of eternal families. I know that he changed the lives of so many, and that he is going to have his eternal family that he so desired :) 

Sorry if this email is scatterbrained, I swear I have less and less time every week! But I love you all so much, and i hope you have a great week!! This church is the very church of the living Jesus Christ, and I love Him. 

Hasta la próxima semana, 
Hermana Hansen
Viña del Mar Zone Conference


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  1. really enjoyed this letter, insightful.