Monday, June 15, 2015

Retain in rememberance the boot of thy fathers...‏

Hayley with her old comp, Hermana Evans, at leadership conference.


Sooo today I am not going to write very much (again! I know I'm SORRY! I promise next week will be better :)) But this week was really crazy to say the least haha.  I don´t even know where to begin!!! 

Let´s see... the whole boot thing. SO I have a boot hahaha I sent you guys a recording explaining it, . But basically I went to the doctor last week, they don´t know what it is still, so I have to walk around with this boot at least until they figure out what´s going on. But don´t worry! It doesn't hurt or anything, and I´m going to the doctor again next week :) Hermana Poulsen, the other hermana in the ocean pictures, has helped me SO much. I love her so so much! She is the health coordinator in the mission, and is seriously the best. She and Elder Poulsen have such strong testimonies and really just LOVE everyone! I have seriously met the best people here in Chile. 

So this week went well, I´m just going talk about one more thing. Consejo de líderes! It was amazing, to say the least. It was my and President and Hermana Kahnlein´s last!! Many tears shed and love felt! President said that all he wants from us is to return with honor. He also showed us an AWESOME video from Elder Bednar talking to an RM about feeling the spirit that I am going to forward you guys in another email. BUT the big heart breaker was when he talked about the mission president change. He told us that we have to forget about him and Hermana Kahnlein, and not mention them to the next president, and leap to do everything his says, that it doesn´t matter what president has said in the past. He was crying on and off the whole time, it killed me. I love them SO much. They honestly have changed my life! I owe so much to them. They are amazing. I don´t know what more I can say about them. I know that I needed to come to this mission so that i could meet THEM, because they have changed me forever. 

Afterwards, they took ALL OF THE LEADERS out to this fancy restaurant to eat!!! Right next to the sea!!! AND Hermana Sanford and I got to ride in the car with President and Hermana Kahnlein! It was so yummy. We tried blood sausage... Yikes. That was a little concerning haha but it was a lot of fun!! I love everyone in consejo so much. I´m sorry i talk about loving people all the time haha but it´s TRUE! These people are my best friends. 

After, i talked to President and I am leaving this sector! At first he said I was probably going North to Coquimbo, but I reminded him that I still haven´t trained, and he said:  "oh right, you got called as an stl really early... we´ll see then." SO I have no idea where I am going, but Iam leaving Chorrillos! It´s time, but I´m really sad. Especially to leave Hermana Sanford :( She´s one of my best friends now! It´s so hard to leave companions haha. 

Besides that, we have been working as much as we can! It´s slow moving on the hills with my boot, but we are seeing miracles still. I know this is the work of the Lord, and I am so grateful that I am a missionary!! The people here are incredible. I just want to help those that are perishing in the darkness just because they don´t know where to find the truth. There are so many! I just want everyone to have this hope in their lives. I love you guys so much, I hope you have a great week!!

Hermana Hansen

Hayley with her mission president's wife,
Hermana Kahnlein

Boot buddies!  Elder Tinney is a friend of Hayley's in the mission and has a boot because of tendonitis
Hayley with her mission President and his wife
Hermana Sanford, Sister Poulsen, and Hayley

Hayley, Sister Poulsen, and Hermana Sanford at the beach

Selfies at the beach with Hna. Kahnlein and Hna. Poulsen

At the beach before the big leadership luncheon
Saying goodbye to Hermana Mckenna
Saying goodbye to Hermana Castillo

Saying goodbye to Hermana Cook

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