Monday, June 1, 2015

Bocaditos del Cielo‏

Cute comps at the capilla!


This week was just a weird week haha but it was still so fun and so great.

It started out and we kept working with Cecilia and her part member family, they´re really progressing so much! M, her son, is actually listening to us and understanding! It´s so cool. At first he was just asking stupid questions and trying to bother us but Hermana Sanford and I lost our patience a little bit and laid down the law that if he wanted to listen, awesome, but if no, no, no más. But he came and kept listening and calmed down, and committed to read and pray and ask if God really exists. The lesson was so spiritual!! It was AWESOME :) 
We did a ton of service, and we started to teach O again (the old lady I  found with Hermana Evans) and she´s actually kind of progressing! It´s so sad, she´s losing her memory, but she wants to remember so badly. She reads the Book of Mormon every day! She says it´s the only thing she believes in anymore. So we´re working with her, teaching her short lessons, and she´s actually starting to remember some things! We´re trusting that the spirit will quicken her mind and she´ll be able to remember. 

WEDNESDAY Hermana Sanford and I got REALLY sick! The good old flu haha. It was so funny, we woke up feeling horrible with body aches and pains and nausea, but we had district meeting, so we were going to go down and get a blessing at the same time. But all the busses and colectivos were ON STRIKE! So we had to walk to district meeting, a good 40 minutes! We laughed at the odds haha. But God blessed us and they were done striking by the time to go back up, so we didn´t have to walk UP the hill! We were sick for a couple days, we went out and worked still but we were like zombies haha and just passed out at night. Don´t worry mom, we feel better now!! 
SATURDAY was insane. We did service for the Familia Robles family, because they´re moving to Santiago :( But we passed their address to the missionaries there, and they are going to go to church because they want to get SEALED! :) But they live in this gorge off the side of the hill which is down a TON of really sketchy dirt stairs... getting down to their house i feel and I have nasty bruises all over my back still, let´s go clumsy Hermana Hansen!! Haha! But we helped them haul heaters, cupboards, computers, clothing, etc etc up the hill up the dirt stairs. Hermana Sanford and I decided it was one of the weirdest things we´ve ever done haha but it was so fun! And at lunch, we ate with a recent convert and she was watching a show called Bocaditos del Cielo, or Snacks from Heaven. Literally it´s a catholic cooking show. Nuns teaching how to cook, in their nun outfits and everything! We laughed for a good while about that one. That night we contacted because we wanted to find new people, and it was so weird, it felt JUST like Halloween!!! It was cold and windy and dark, there were leaves on the ground, and we were contacting old houses and some were abandoned... Halloween in May!! 

Haha but besides that, things calmed down a bit on Sunday. L came to church!!! :) So did H, her boyfriend from Rancagua. They LOVED it!! We taught them in the afternoon and they want to get baptized so badly!! They have a date for the 14th of June. H is going to start coming here every weekend, so today we are going to teach them about marriage haha. But it won´t be a problem, they already want to get married and sealed in the temple. :) ETERNAL FAMILIES! :)

I am just so happy and so grateful to be a missionary. I know I say it every week, but it´s because it´s true! It´s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so grateful that I can share this gospel with those around me!! I have had really spiritual personal studies this week, which I will tell you in more detail about when I have more time. I am just so grateful for this gospel, and I am so grateful to have a Heavenly Father that loves us so perfectly! I hope you all have a great week, I love you all!!

Hermana Hansen
Photo from Hna. Sanford's Mother's Day Skype (we forgot to take one)

At church in Chorillos

Hayley with Hermania

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