Thursday, July 9, 2015

¡¡¡¡VIVA CHILE!!!!!‏

Hayley in La Serena


Okay first off, CHILE WON THE COPA AMERICA WOOO! and even crazier, our new mission president let us see it in the house of a leader!! SO we went to my ward mission leader's house at ate pizza and watched the game. Let me just say, I felt like a SINNER because it´s the first time I´ve watched anything that´s not a Mormon message in 17 months, but by the end it was really fun! After everything was crazy, there were a MILLION people in the streets honking horns and yelling and waving flags until like 5 am, but it was so fun! I love seeing the country come together. Chile deserves it!! :)

Okay done with the worldly part of my email haha. This week was good! We worked a LOT in the half of the sector that we are opening! It was good!! We are finding new investigators and the recent converts! The converts need  a LOT of help... there´s one that doesn´t even remember that she´s a member of the church (she got baptized a month and a half ago) one that is breaking hard core the commandments, and almost all of them are inactive. SO, we have got our work cut out for us! But we know that with the help of the Lord, we will be able to help them to come back :)

Awesome things of the week - L and L, our investigators, are going to set a date to get married today sot hat they can get baptized!!! :D AHH! I hope it´s before I go home, because here the marriage situation is ridiculous. But if not, it´s okay, because I know that they´re at least going to get baptized and later SEALED! I love eternal families. Another eternal investigator, J, got an assignment to work with the scouts this week! He knows the church is true, he says he knows the decision is for forever and he´s afraid of messing up after. we just need to teach him and he will get baptized any day now! YEAH! besides that, we´re looking, and we know that a miracle is going to happen :)

I wanted to mention a talk that I want you all to read! It´s called "A Priesthood Man" by President Eyring. ALSO, his talk about prayer in the last conference´s priesthood session. I LOVE those talks! I really want to better my prayers so that I can fully access the powers of God! I also am so grateful for the priesthood men in my life. For all the examples of faithful children of God that I have seen, so that I could have come to this point. I hope that I can be a good example for those around me as well! 
Thank you family for your love and for your examples to me. If it weren´t for you guys, I wouldn´t be here, and being here in Chile on the mission is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you all so much!! have a good week! (AND I´M NOT DEAD YET NO MORE TRUNKY COMMENTS.)

Hermana Hansen

also i love this video:

Hna. Delgado in the apartment

Their kitchen

Spare room


Outside of their apartment
Cute companions on the 4th of July

Chile takes the Copa America!

Cute comps


La Serena

Outside of their apartment

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