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Buenos días a todos! My space-bar in this internet place is really bad, so I apologize now if this is short because I´m going to get frustrated haha and for the lack of spaces! BUT I continue to see miracles here in La Serena :) 

I´m just going to share a couple stories:
ONE, in intercambios, a HUGE miracle happened. I don´t know if you guys remember Ninoska and Alexis from Ovalle?!? Where I STARTED?! They were a young couple with a little baby and were having a hard time, but the gospel was helping them. We helped them move and everything! Well, it turns out that they moved to Tierras Blancas, which is where my Hermana Leaders are!! (so weird to say that... after being a leader for a year, it´s weird and nice to be led haha) So in intercambios with Hermana Mariscal (who is AWESOME) NINOSKA ran up to me!!! AHHH!! And she told me about how she had had a hard time and that she always sees me in her hard times. SO we took down her address! She is so prepared, I KNOW she is going to get baptized!! What a miracle....

We also found a woman the other night named María while we were contacting. She wasn´t very interested at first, but my companion gave her a card that says ´How can i find peace and happiness?´and she began to tell us about how that´s all she wants in her life!!! AHHH. We were an answer to her prayers! We taught her and the Spirit was WAY strong, and she accepted a baptismal date! It was awesome.

Besides that, we are opening a sector at the same time. This ward used to be two sectors, but now it´s one,and it´s HUGE!!!! So we are just running all over the place with a map and asking everyone how to get everywhere haha. We are SO TIRED!!!! haha But I love it, because I know that we are working hard and giving it our all! I LOVE hard work and challenges! (something I never thought I´d say haha) This is exactly what I prayed for in my last change. I just want to help this ward and my companion be as happy as can be. I want them to see MIRACLES like I have seen, and to feel the love that I know God has for them. I love being a missionary so so much! The ward is great, and I get to talk to everyone about Hermana Page :) (she was here for 7.5 months! and Hna Cook!) God is a God of miracles, it´s true. 

I finished reading the Libro de Mormon for the 4th time in Spanish today. I love that book so much. I know that it is the word of God. The Book of Mormon changes hearts and the very nature of people! I am an example. As I read the words written by the prophets, I can feel all of my desires to do what is against God´s will slip away and all I want to do is please Him. What more proof of the veracity do you need? I love this gospel, i love God, and I love being a missionary. President Kahnlein leaves tomorrow, but I won´t bore you again with more rambling about them haha. I just love them. They will always be a huge part of my life. 

I love you guys so much!! I hope you all have a great week :)

Hermana Hansen
*hayley didn't send any photos this week, so I am posting some that Hna. Sanford's mom shared with me. :)  They are not current, but still so cute!
Leadership council lunch

Cecilia, Mauricio, and Natalia

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